Cobwebs Fotori


Arianne "Cobwebs" Fotori
September 27, 1985 -

Arianne "Cobwebs" Fotori, despite what he might have told you, is not a BPI Agent. In actuality, he's a member of the Cinderhearts, a criminal cartel who have a continual interest in ghosts, and how they can use our formerly living peers to turn the highest profit. They're good at it, too; the Cinderhearts are almost as large and powerful as the BPI themselves, and they're the only large scale organization of its kind that the BPI hasn't been able to find and shut down. The Cinderhearts' newest interest is in Marie: their own experiments in manufacturing a Hollobanus have thus far failed miserably, so a naturally occuring success makes Marie a prime target for their attacks.

Fotori himself is one of these failed test subjects. While the exact nature of what the experiments entailed remain a mystery, Fotori is decidedly more than a regular human now. His abilities include increased strength, speed, and extremely accelerated healing. The only downside to these abilites (and a quick way of picking one of the Failures out of a crowd) is the change in his eyes; Fotori's sclera have filled with blood and his irises have turned a radiant gold. He wears sunglasses to cover them up, but if they come off... it's a disturbing sight.

To add a whole other layer to the conflict is Fotori's past experiences with the Vespa Brothers. Apparently, Willit and Cobwebs were best friends all throughout their school days, until a major argument in their senior year of high school. The details are hazy (even Malachi admits he doesn't really know what happened), but its undeniable that Fotori's interest in Marie and her housemates may very well be less than professional.


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