Marie and Fingers

Marie and Fingers

Marie Green
April 17, 1988 -

Jonathan "Fingers" McGee
December 2, 1892 - October 31, 1926

One Halloween morning Marie Green slept through her alarm clock, and, in a rush, had to take a shortcut through a seedy back alley. One failed mugging later and she's a paranormal magnet. We've all had days like that, right?

One Halloween evening Fingers McGee was earning his honest pay, and, trying to whack someone, ducked into a seedy back alley. Three bullets to the back of his noodle later and he's a ghost. We've all had days like that, right?

A lot of things can be said about Marie. She's a little naive, not pretty but certainly not ugly either, and she has the patience of a saint. She's in college.

A lot of things can be said about Fingers. He's a massive asshole, not crazy but certainly not mentally healthy either, and he has the aim of a trained killer. He's dead.

Fingers is somehow tethered to Marie's left hand. He can control it when he deems necessary, mostly to punch stuff, but what he can't do is leave. These unusual circumstances also allow Marie and Fingers to form a Hollobanus, a mysterious and largely unexplained weapon made out of their souls. Neither of them have any control of when or how this manifests, though.

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