Lord Tetzucotl, Mosko

The land on which Santa Aria stands is, for reasons unknown, sacred ground for the dead. It is Mosko's duty to protect this holy site.

At some point in his watch, however, Mosko fell into a deep and lengthly slumber. When he was awakened, he had found that his sacred charge had become a red light district. He swore to raze the city to the ground in his rage. Luckily, Marie was able to stop him and destroy his corporeal form. Mosko's whereabouts are currently unknown.

Assisting Mosko in his duties are his assistants, Flitter and Flutter. These common mosquitoes have been augmented by Mosko's powers and have gained, for lack of a better term, intelligence. They do more harm than good, but Mosko keeps them around anyway, possibly if only for the company. Flitter and Flutter have been at large since Mosko's defeat.


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