Arbiter Rosewood


Arbiter Bianca Rosewood

November 14, 1975 -


Arbiter Rosewood is a field agent of high regard within the BPI, and is usually the Bureau agent that the Vespa Bros. typically get to deal with when they need to call in for help. When things get too deep and sticky for the freelancers to handle, or if the case is bigger than an individual basis, the BPI will send out a team of agents to cull the situation. Rosewood and her partner, Ezekiel de Corci, are the Arbiter team assigned to the Santa Aria metropolitan area. She's also a witch, so there's that.

Rosewood redefines the phrase straight-laced. Everything is done coldly, quickly, and efficiently. It's easy to be put off by her curt attitude and admittedly her personal friends are few, if not nonexistent, but that lack of empathy is what has made her such an exemplar paranormal investigator. She is not without her weak spot, however; Rosewood is an avid fan of classical music and has an extensive collection of antique records.

Rosewood's magical powers originate from the spellbook that never leaves her side. In fact, research points that all "magic" abilities come from similar tomes. Rosewood's book and by extension her repertoire have a bird motif.


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