Maxamilion Sahara
May 13, 1937 - July 7, 1976

Some people might have called Max Sahara the man that saved Santa Aria, his donations to museums and parks reviving the sagging city. Others called him a crook, most of them embittered by their major losses to him at the casino table. The truth is, Sahara just loved to gamble.

Not to say he was an addict. You see, to be an addict the addiction has to present a problem. Sahara excelled at every game he tried his hand at. He was, in short, a prodigy.

It's difficult to say how Sahara met his end; despite his vast winnings he lived a quiet and simple life, until one day he was simply found dead. It's been theorized that he had been secretly been battling a terminal illness, which would explain his madcap economical habits, but given the time and place it's more likely he bet against the wrong group of men.

Regardless, Sahara's spirit now drifts through the alleys he once funded, searching for one last game of chance.


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