Willit Vespa
December 6, 1985 -

Willit comprises the younger half of Vespa Brothers Paranormal Investigation. He and Malachi travel around Santa Aria solving citizens' spectral problems. Before moving in with Marie, they lived out of their van.

The Vepsa Bros. company motto is "We'll stick with you until the business is done. Guaranteed!" Unfortunately for Marie, this is literal. They contractually can't leave until Fingers is exorcised.

Although he's better at hiding it, Willit is almost a big a nerd as Malachi is. You'd have to be to choose ghost hunting as a career. He especially loves Power Rangers.

Willit and "Cobwebs" Fotori have a long history together. Like Marie and Trish, the two have known each other since they were very young. However, in recent years the two have fallen out and, as Malachi puts it "hate each other".

Willit's hometown is Scissor Springs, Illinois.


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