Arbiter de Corci


Ezekiel de Corci

February 28, 1658 - November 3, 1702


Zeke is Rosewood's partner on the BPI for... oh, what? Ah... that. Yeah, I guess we should talk about that, shouldn't we?

Ezekiel de Corci, one of the many paranormal entities employed by the BPI, is a vampire. Although Zeke is still allowed to do field work because vampires just barely fall on the "society-safe" line of paranormal creatures, he and Rosewood are forced to take ample precautions to keep him safe in the outdoors. You may think that vampires are frightening, dangerous, or broodingly mysterious, but in truth the opposite is true; as far as the undead go they're pretty pitiful. Zeke cannot enter a building without being invited. Garlic makes him weak in the knees and Christian iconography feels like his skin is covered in dry ice. Direct sunlight will cause him to burst into flames. On top of all that, he needs to reconcile the fact that in order to prevent himself from falling apart into a pile of dust, he needs to drink fresh human blood despite not being anywhere near malevolent towards them. All this leads to a self depriciating nervous wreck of a man-bat-thing.

Really, the creepiest thing he has going for him is that he's able to smell whether or not you're a virgin. Don't think about it too hard.